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About Dalwater


I am a mother of four wonderful children, a grandmother to the best grandkids on the planet, and a wife to a hard working man.   Together we have worked in the horse industry most of our married life.  I have loved animals my whole life, horses, cattle, goats, you name it. In my early twenties I discovered and fell in love with the Labrador Retriever.   I started breeding Labradors as a hobby in 1998 and in that time I have been honored to have bred, owned and loved some of the very best.  I strive to breed dogs with exceptional conformation, gentle temperaments, good retrieving instincts and intelligence.   

I have made wonderful friends in this hobby, who have made the lows in his hobby bearable and the highs even more enjoyable.  I have had some incredible honors, from judging sweepstakes to being handed purple ribbons while standing in front of some very special dogs and along the way dogs I've bred have gone on to change the the lives of many including my own.   It's these special moments and my unwavering love of this breed that keep me going...  

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